14.12.2008 B. Farfalla got her first FIN CAC at the age of 13 mounths and got the title of FIN JW-08. Bernarossa-group was also BOB breeder in Helsinki Winner-08. Great!!!

9.5.2008 B. Cherokee x-ray rsults A/B 0/0

13.8.2007 wonderful weekend in Helsinki; BOB; BOS breeder BIS-2

12.3.2007 B. Aprilia EST CH

13.1.2007 B. Biccu-Wagner EST J CH

2.9.2006 Aprilia EST J CH

13.8.2006 results, Aprilia got her first CAC

9.7.2006 puppy news, new pictures

18.6.2006 In Memoriam Bernarossa Agostini

8.6.2006 puppy news :)

2.3.2006 A-puppies 1 year, congratulations!

27.2.2006 Aida 2 years, congratulations!

12.10.2006 homepages published