13.-14.8.2016 Tartto, Estonia

Berntiers It`s Incredible "Madde" continues her way and now she is also EE Ch. Way to go my Princess!

Berntiers It`s Incredible "Madde"


6.8.2016 Liepaja Latvia

Rose and Elita did it so great again and we have new LV JCH. Congrats!

Bernarossa Running Up That Hill "Rose"

                            JUN EXC1 PP JCAC  => LV JCH BB-2 

Bernarossa Running Up That Hill "Rose"



30.-31.7.2016 Adazi, Latvia

Our trip to Latvia was succesful, we came back with 2 new Latvian Champions, Bernarossa Marwin "Jallis" & Berntiers It`s Incredible "Madde"

Bernarossa Ring Of Fire "Aarre" did it fine too, he got LV J CAC

Congrats Jallis, Pia & Janne, Aarre, Susanna & Jyrki and also my Madde!

Bernarossa Marwin "Jallis"

Berntiers It`s Incredible "Madde"


Our beautiful swedish import Berntiers It`s Incredible "Madde" did something special at Orivesi all breed show: she was very first and last time in open class, got CAC and is now FI CH. She had her 2-year birthday on Tuesday 12.7. and after 4 days she became FI CH in the first show. I`m so happy, thanks Eva for this Princess!

Madde 20 months, new photo coming later...



They did it again, congrats Rose & Elita!

Bernarossa Running Up That Hill " Rose" got her 2. JUN CAC at Talsi Dog Show.

Bernarossa Running Up That Hill "Rose"



Our young hope Bernarossa Ring Of Fire "Aarre" did fine at Helsinki Dog Show, he opened his CAC account and was BOS. Cingrats Aarre, Susanna & Jyrki!


Bernarossa Ring Of Fire "Aarre"




Great news again from Latvia. There was 2 IDS in Riga and Rose (Bernarossa Running Up That Hill) and Elita  did great job both days.

19.3.2016 Rose was JUN EXC2

20.3.2016 Rose was JUN EXC1 PP, got JUN CAC and was finally BB-2.

Congrats Rose & Elita! I`m so proud and happy for you!

Bernarossa Running Up That Hill "Rose"



17.2. - 23.2.2016

7 day trip, almost 4000 km sitting in the bus, 2 new ch titles - not bad at all :) My goal was to get 1 CACIB to Madde - she got 2 CACIB, RO CH title, was once BOB and 3 times BOS.  Little Paola, just 9 months, was as her travel companions and got RO JCH title and was 3 times BOB JUN.

I`m so happy and proud of my girls!

Rose, Bernarossa Running Up That Hill, made also good job in Valmiera, Latvia first time in junior class. On Saturday she got EXC2 with PP and on Sunday EXC3 with PP.

Congrats Rose & Elita!



17.1.2016 there was group show and puppy show in Lahti. Little R-puppies were very cheery and participated in 2 shows. B. Ring Of Fire "Aarre" was BOB in both shows and finally BIG-4 in puppy show. Sister B. Reason To Believe "Paola" was BOS puppy in both shows.

Bernarossa Ring Of Fire BIG-4 puppy

Photo Annika Johansson


BOB puppy Bernarossa Ring Of Fire "Aarre"  & BOS puppy Bernarossa Reason To Believe "Paola"

judge Hannele Jokisilta

photo Kari Majanne


We have also New FI CH :)

Bernarossa Malia "Rauha", mother of Aarre & Paola finished her        FI Ch title with style; CAC and BOB. Mother and her kids took it all.

Bernarossa Malia "Rauha"

photo Tuomo Tulokas

Congrats Rauha & Siru, Aarre & Susanna and Jyrki!

Other result of these 2 shows you can find under "Tulokset"



9.1.2016  we participated in Puppy Show in Helsinki with good succes, Bernarossa Reason To Believe "Paola" was BOB puppy nd her brother Rhythm Of Love "Topi" was BOS puppy. Great job, little ones!




5.12.2015 Helsinki Winner-15

He thinks: "If you do something, do it with style!"

Bernarossa Marwin "Jallis"  OPEN EXC1 CQ CAC => FI CH             RE-CACIB => CACIB

Congrats Jallis, Pia & Janne!

photo Leena Jaatinen


For many reasons I`ve been lazy to update my homepage this year... but now I have done it and added  a lot of photos on the dog pages.

This year is soon over, only few shows left where only few of Bernarossa dogs will take part. But this year has been overall amazing for Bernarossa dogs, especially the veterans Bernarossa Cherokee and Bernarossa Dimare have done so gorgeous job. Cherokee gained 3 more titles; TLNVW-15, LVVW-15 and BALTVW-15. He was 17 x BOB VET,  9 x BOS VET, 1 x BOB, 2 x BIS-4 VET and BISS VET. Dimare gained  EE & LV VET CH, SEVW-15 and LVVW-15 titles, she was 6 x BOB VET, 7 x BOS VET,  1 x BOB, 2 x BOS, BIG-4, BIS-1 VET, BIS-2 VET and BIS-3 VET. Thanks Artturi & Jaana and Tyyne & Siru!

1.5.201 Pärnu, Estonia, Estonian Specialty 2015

judge Zoltan Baffia

Bernarossa Cherokee BISS VET


5.9.2015 Tallinn, Estonia

judge Jan Ryk

Bernarossa Dimare EE VCH, BOB, BIG-4, BIS-1 VETERAN


Bernarossa Kevin won the pot in Kouvola; BOB and BIG-4 and Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings gained LVV-15 title in Riga. Bernarossa Odessa got 2  x  CAC and her brother Omar 1 x CAC. Thanks Eino, Päivi & Kari, Tessa & Mira and Onni, Valtteri & Jaana and Pirjo! (Photos on the dog pages)

My own Mermaid did fine in Finland and abroad; she gained FI LV EE RO UA CH titles and finally also C.I.B (not confirmed yet) in Romania at the age of 2 years 11 months (1 year and 27 days between the first and last CACIB). Sweet, dear Sofi!

My little swedish princess Madde, Berntiers It`s Incredible, started her show career by beeing 4 x BOB puppy and 2 x BOS puppy. She gained EE LV RO JCH  and EEJW-15 titles and was 2 x BOB and 2 x BOS and many, many times BOB JUN. She got also 2 x CAC. Dear Madde!

Bernarossa youngsters, Qstone and all R-puppies started their show career as well.  Qstone was 3 x BOB puppy and 1 x BOS puppy. R-puppies had their first show in Lahti 25.10.2015 and Racing In The Street was there BOS puppy and the others were also situated in the classes well. Thanks Mikko, Ritva & Jarno! Thanks Bruce, Annika & Kipa,   Aarre, Susanna & Jyrki, Teddy & Janna,  Sointu & Siru!

Photos of all these you can find on the pages as well as alot of other show results.





Kennel Bernarossa was honored to receive from Finnish Kennel Club the highest Breeder Award, Vuolasvirta breeder`s Plaque, as the 7th BMD breeder in Finland. Thank you all my dear puppy owners for making ths possible, I`m so happy! Thanks also to Suomen sveitsinpaimenkoirat ry for the special recognition!

Vuolasvirta Plaque


...running with Bernarossa Cherokee


with Bernarossa Cherokee :)



Bernarossa Cherokee "Artturi" HVW-14


So much has happened during  the year; we had fun and happiness but also big sorrow  when we had to say goodby to many dogs. We got home 2 new, lovely girls, Vickan and Madde and 3 litters (10 new puppies).


At the shows we got a lot of success: 19 x CAC, 4 x RES-CAC, 6 x CACIB, 2 x RES-CACIB, 7 x new champion titles, 2 x new C.I.B , 3 x VET CAC, 4 x new VET champion titles, 1 x BIG-1, 1 x BIG-2, 1 x BIG-3 and finally HVW-14

Finnish BMD competition :

Bernarossa # 2 breeder (with 9 dogs)

Bernarossa Cherokee # 4 veteran (# 1 veteran male)

Bernarossa Mermaid # 7 female

Bernarossa Marwin # 8 male

Bernarossa Jetro # 16 male

Bernarossa Nahla # 49 female

Bernarossa Kevin # 51 male

Bernarossa Juventus # 68 male

Bernarossa Illusia # 72 female

Bernarossa Malia # 89 female

Congratulations and big thanks Jaana, Pia & Janne, Tuula & Risto,  Päivi & Kari, Ritva & Jarno and Siru. You made this all!

Thanks also to all the puppyowners for loving your dogs and taking so good care of them all!



In september we got from Sweden a new member to our family. Wellcome home Madde!

Berntiers It`s Incrdible "Madde"


22.-24.8. we got so big success that I can`t understand...

We have a new Champion again: "Eino" Bernarossa Kevin CAC => FI & EE & RU & BY CH.  Big hugs and congrats Eino, Päivi & Kari and thanks Tupu for handling Eino. I`m so happy for you and so happy that this happened in Kouvola, our hometown!


Our Grand Old Gentleman Bernarossa Cherokee "Artturi" visited Baltic states. First on Friday he got VET CAC => EE VET CH & BOB VET in Estonia. On Saturday he took LT VET CAC => LT & BALT VET CH, BOB VET, BOB and finally BIG-2 in Salcininkai, Lithuania.

Huge congrats Artturi and Jaana!


Bernarossa Mermaid visited Nokia & Heinola shows; in Nokia she got CAC & BB-3 and in Heinola CAC & BOS.

My "little" girl, so happy!


16.-17.8.2014 I made a trip to Ukraine with Sofi and now is the CACIB account is opened :) On Saturday Sofi got CAC CACIB & BOS and on Sunday she made even better; CAC CACIB BOB & BIG-3. So happy!


In August we had 2 big shows in Finland, Finnish Specialty-14 in Hyvinkää and World Dog Show 2014 in Helsinki

11 Bernarossa dogs took part to our Specialty and 4 dogs to WDS with nice results (can be found under "tulokset"). We had long but sunny and nice dasy, lot of fun with friends, thank you all !


I`m so happy to get this little sweet princess form Norway, wellcome home Vickan!

Berningtons Victoria "Vickan"



It`s July and I haven`t updated homepage for so many months...maybe it`s time to do something finally ...

We have taken part to many shows and all the results you can find under "tulokset" but here is few highlights:


Jaana was with Cherokee in Adazi, Latvia with great results, on Saturday Cherokee was shown in ch class: BOB CACIB => C.I.B and finally BIG-1. On sunday Cherokee was shown in veteran class with result VET CAC => LV VET CH BOB VET BM-2

Just amazing, BOB C.I.B BIG-1 BOB VET LV VET CH on the same weekend. Has any other made this?

CACIB BOS Vinkizz Original & CACIB C.I.B BOB BIG-1 Bernarossa Cherokee,      judge Erdös Laszlo


In Helsinki B. Marwin took his 4. CAC

We made some trips in Finland and B. Cherokee was shown first time in veteran class; in Oulu BOB veteran, in Kokkola BOS veteran and in Mäntsälä BOB & BOB veteran.

 In Mäntsälä B. Malia took her 3. CAC and on the same day B. Mermaid took as well her 3. CAC in Ristiina.


BOB Bernoban Supermarket & CAC BOS Bernarossa Mermaid, judge Jari Laakso



BOS VET Fridkullas Ultra bra & BOB VET Bernarossa Cherokee, judge Birgitta Svarstad


In June we did a trip to Nitra, Slovakia and came back with new C.I.B Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings "Valtteri". In Forssa B. Marwin took her 3. CAC and B. Mermaid got her 2. CAC with BOS.

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings BOB CAC CACIB C.I.B in Nitra, judge Mirja Lapanja



In May our youngsters made their best in 2 shows: in Mikkeli B. Nahla got her first CAC and in Puumala B. Marwin got CAC with BOB and B. Nahla got her 2. CAC with BOS. Bernarossa breeder group was BIS-2.

Bernarossa Marwin CAC BOB & Bernarossa Nahla CAC BOS in Puumala, judge Marianne Holm


Bernarossa Nahla CAC BB-2 in Mikkeli


Bernarossa BIS-2 in Puumala



We have lost 5 girls during last 13 months and it has been so hard fo me to understand all this. Now I feel that the life goes on even I miss my dear girls every day :(


9.6.2014 R.I.P

My Dear Bernarossa Farfalla "Sani"

I love you forever!


2.1.2014  R.I.P.

My Dear, Grand Old Lady

Bernario Tuva Torsdotter "Tamara"

(Doremis Tor Stein Birkson - Bernario Malwine)

20.6.2002 - 2.1.2014 old age

11 years 6 months 12 days You were with us and

now I had to let You go :(

 We miss you so much!



Year 2013 was full of events; lot of friends, succes, happiness, laugh and also cry and sorrow.

Thanks my dear friends that you have been so big part of our life!

We wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!

                                          Heikki & Raija





It was very sad and  schoking day. In the morning everything was ok with our dogs and in the afternoon when we came home after working day, we found our Baronessa on the living room floor - dead. Not any symptoms or any signs before or not any reason of dead.  Hopefully we`ll get some explanation after few weeks. She was the third dog we have lost this year.

Bernarossa Baronessa 2.8.2005 - 8.11.2013

Good buy my dear Baro!



19.10. CACIB & 20.10. CAC show in Lviv Ukraina

WE have new C.I.B in Bernarossa Team :)


Bernarossa Jetro 2 x CAC => UA CH CACIB => C.I.B 2 x BOB

Congrats Jetro, Pia & Janne!



13.10.2013 Siuliai, Lithuania

Double titles to Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings " Valtteri"!!!

Valtteri CH EXC1 CAC => LT & BALT CH

Congrats Valtteri & Jaana!


5.10.2013 Pskov, Russia

2 more ch titles to Bernarossa BMD`s:

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings gained RU CH title and was  BOS and Bernarossa Mermaid RU JUN CH title with BOB JUN and BOB. Unfortunatelly we didn`t have time to wait group finals this time.

Bernarossa Mermaid JUN CAC BOB JUN BOB & Bernarossa Lord Of the Rings CAC BOS

judge Tatiana Romanova



7.-8.9.2013 Dracula Show in Romania

Bernarossa Mermaid is now RO JUN CH, she got 3 JUN CAC, was once BOB JUN and BOB, twice BOS JUN

Bernarossa Farfalla got also 3 CAC and gained RO CH title



31.8.2013 Mäntyharju

New Champion again :)


Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings got his 7th  FI CAC with FI CH title and BEST OF BREED

 Bernarossa Malia CAC BB-2 

Congrats Jaana & Valtsu and Siru & Rauha

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings



 24.8.2013  Valkeakoski, Finnish Specialty 2013


Bernarossa Mermaid "Sofi" was our Star of the Day                            BOB JUNIOR and BIS-2 JUNIOR                   


Bernarossa Mermaid



10.8.2013 Pskov, Russia

Bernarossa Cherokee did it again: CAC=> RU CH CACIB and BOB

Amazing "Artturi" (7 years) rules!

Bernarossa Cherokee


11.8.2013 Väimela, Estonia

My little Mermaid (10 months) gained EE JUN CH title with BOS JUN & BOS

BOB Torres Perkuno Sargas  &   BOS JUN & BOS Bernarossa Mermaid

judge Maija Mäkinen




3.8.2013 Helsinki & Iisalmi

4.8.2013 Nokia & Haapajärvi

4 shows and fine results:

Twinsisters Bernarossa Malia & Mermaid (10 months) go hand in hand, both girls took RES-CAC on Saturday and CAC on Sunday.

 Little Sweethearts!!

Bernarossa Cherokee continued his fine way; BM-2 with RES-CACIB

Congrats to all!

BOB Golbear`s Toffifee & BOS Bernarossa Mermaid

judge Marjo Järventölä



20-21.7.2013 Estoni, a 2 shows

Our youg hope Mermaid (9 months) surprised me completely:


So Happy!!!!

Bernarossa Mermaid

judges Panos Dimitriou & Des Manton


Saturday was very succesful to our boys; Bernarossa Cherokee BOS and Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings CAC and BM-2

And again Bernarossa BEST IN SHOW breeder

Bernarossa Cherokee & Lord Of The Rings & Mermaid

judge Panos Dimitriou

(photo Tuomo Tulokas)




14.7.2013 Oulu  2. Specialty

Great day and great results from Oulu:

Bernarossa Cherokee continued his success;

BEST MALE-2 and CACIB (39 male entries)

FI EE LV LT BALT UA Ch Bernarossa Cherokee


Our "little" puppy Nanuq (8 months) did also fine; BOB-puppy

Bernarossa Nanuq, 8 months


Young hope Marwin in junior class EXC2 with CQ and his sister Mermaid JUN EXC1 CQ and RES-CAC

Icing on the cake Bernarossa was BOB breeder with HP

Bernarossa Mermaid, Marwin, Lord Of The Rings and Cherokee

Congrats Susanna, Juha, Pia, Janne and Jaana and thanks for everything!

I`m so happy :)



13.7.2013 Hyvinkää

Our Grand Old Gentleman Bernarossa Cherokee  BOB!!!!

Congrats Artturi ja Jaana!

BOB Bernarossa Cherokee & BOS Berndream`s Coconut Geisha-Fun

judge Jurate Butkiene, LT


7.7.2013 Karjaa

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings "Valtteri" took his 6. CAC and was BOB

BOS Bernario Chinon  &  BOB Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings

Congrats Valtteri & Jaana! One more...

judge Sanna Vakkilainen, FI



Travelling, travelling... to Silute, Lithuania

4 new Champion titles, Group placement, BIS placements, new friends and a lot of fun:)


Bernarossa BIS and BIS-2 breeder

(photo Guoda Kavaliauskaite)

Bernarossa Mermaid BIS-4 and BIS-2 puppy

(kuva Janne Pulkkinen)




Bernarossa Aprilia


(kuva Janne Pulkkinen)



Bernarossa Cherokee


(kuva Janne Pulkkinen)


Thanks Jaana, Sara, Mira & Janne!



Our Grand Old Lady

Bernario Tuva Tosrdotter 11 years old

Happy Birthday Dear Tamara!

Bernario Tuva Torsdotter

Bernario Tuva Torsdotter



25.-26.5.2013 Lviv, Ukraine

Over 3000 km driving to Lviv and back home but not for nothing; 2 shows, 3 dogs, 6 x CAC, 3 x CACIB, 3 x RES-CACIB, 2 x BOB, 1 x BOS, 1 x BIG-3,   2 x BIS pair and  2 x BIS breeder and 2 new UA Champions, Bernarossa Cherokee and Farfalla. Not bad at all!


Bernarossa Cherokee 2 x CAC CACIB RES-CACIB BOB BIG-3



Bernarossa Lord of The Rings 2 x CAC CACIB  RES-CACIB BOB




Bernarossa Farfalla 2 x CAC CACIB BOS

 BOS B. Farfalla   &   BOB Lord Of The Rings

judge Otakar Vondrous


Bernarossa 2 x BEST IN SHOW breeder

B. Cherokee & Lord Of The Rings & Farfalla


Bernarossa BEST IN SHOW pair

B. Cherokee & Farfalla

judge Otakar Vondrous


Thanks Jaana and Saila for everything! Let`s make new plans...


20.-21.4.2013 Talsi, Latvia

Great trip and great results from Latvia tour; we have 2 new Champions:) On Saturday B. Cherokee was CAC winner, BOB and gained LV Ch title and B. Aprilia was VET CAC winner and gained LV VET CH title.

        On Sunday B. Lord Of The Rings did the same as his "brother"; CAC winner and BOB. Our baby B. Mermaid was on Saturday BIS-2 puppy and on Sunday BIS-4 puppy and veteran Aprilia BIS-5 veteran and BIS-3 veteran. Bernarossa breeder group was BIS-2 and BEST IN SHOW breeder. Congrats to all my dear "kids"! More results under "tulokset"


Jaana with her boys Artturi & Valtteri


FI EE LV Ch Bernarossa Cherokee

photo Tuomo Tulokas





Bernarossa Aprilia

photo Tuomo Tulokas


BIS-2 and BIS-4 pppy

Bernarossa Mermaid

photo Tuomo Tulokas






4 generations :)

Bernario Tuva Torsdotter (10 years 9 months), Bernarossa Aprilia           (8 years and totally out of coat), Bernarossa Illusia (3 years 10 months and totally out of coat) and Bernarossa Nahla (4 months)


2.3.-3.3.2013 Harju, Estonia

Bernarossa Aprilia had great succes in Estonia,  she won EE veteran CAC, gained EE VET CH title and was BOB veteran and best bitch-2 on her 8. birthday. On the second day she was again BOB veteran. Great job my dear Lilli!



Bernarossa Aprilia


Bernarossa Kevin took on Sunday EE CAC and was best male-3, congrats Eino, Päivi and Kari!

Bernarossa Kevin


Our little baby, Bernarossa Mermaid "Sofi", started her show career abroad. She was on both days BOB baby.

Bernarossa Mermaid, 5 months


Thanks for all your help on the trip and handling, Tupu!




4.11.2012 Tarto, Estonia

We have a new EE CH Bernarossa Cherokee "Artturi".

Artturi made his first trip abroad at the age of 6,5 years with great result. Congratulations Artturi and Jaana and thanks for good company!


FI & EE CH Bernarossa Cherokee



8.9.2012 Äänekoski

What a wonderful team you are Jaana & Valtteri!

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings did it again, 4. CAC in Äänekoski and aswell BOB. Big hug to you Valtteri & Jaana!

BOS Willabernes Amanda & BOB Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings

judge Sanna Vakkilainen

(photo Piia Kinnunen)



1.9.2012 Helsinki

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings CAC & Best Male 2

Congrats Valtteri & Jaana!

(photo Mika Suomalainen)


15.7.5012 Lammi

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings CAC & Best Male 2

Great job Valtteri & Jaana

photo Tuomo Tulokas



Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings "Valtteri" 1 year old.

Happy Birthday dear Valtteri!


7.-8.7.2012 Estonia

2 weekends, 2 brothers and 2 new EE Champions

Bernarossa Juventus & Bernarossa Jetro

Jetro took also BIG-4 on Sunday under judge Petr Rehanek

Way to go Rölli & Jetro




Bernarossa Jetro



30.6.-1.7.2012 Estonia

Summer weekend and 2 shows in Estonia - and what a weekend ...

Bernarossa Juventus "Rölli" took EE CAC and gained EE CH title on Saturday and he was BOB on both days.

Bernarossa Kiril "Hugo" took CAC on Sunday and he was BM-2 on Sunday and BM-4 on saturday.

Bernarossa Farfalla "Sani" was on Saturday BOS and on Sunday BB-3.

Bernarossa Illusia took 2 *CAC and was on first day BB-3 and on second day BOS

And as the sugar on the bottom kennel Bernarossa was on Saturday BEST IN SHOW breeder and on Sunday BIS-2 breeder.

Congrats Tuula & Rebekka, Ritva, Jarno & Rölli & Hugo!


Bernarossa Illusia 2 * EE CAC, BOS


Bernarossa Juventus BOB & Bernarossa Illusia BOS

judge Sergey Vanzha    (photo Tea Saarinen)

Bernarossa Juventus BOB & Bernarossa Farfalla BOS

judge Oleg Yanchev    (photo Kari Majanne)





Our Dear Old Lady & Grandmother,

Bernario Tuva Torsdotter

20.6.2012 10 years old.

Congratulations Tamara!

Tamara 10 years old

Tamara about 6 weeks old :)

photo Tuomo Tulokas




26.5.-27.5.2012 Joensuu

Our boys did it again, great results from the both shows in Joensuu:)

On Saturday Bernarossa Jetro was BOS and young boy Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings "Valtteri" (10 months) took his first CAC and BM-2. Congrats Jaana, Pia and Janne! Bernarossa Kevin was EXC2 with CQ, Dimare EXC4 CQ and Farfalla EXC.

On Sunday Jetro was BM-2 with RES-CACIB and Valtteri BM-4 with RES-CAC and  BOB JUN.

Thanks Jaana for handling!

Berondan Belicia BOB & Bernarossa Jetro BOS

judge Kurt Nilsson, SE

Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings, 10 months (photo Leena Jaatinen)


We have new C.I.B

C.I.B title is confirmed to Bernarossa Farfalla:)

Congrats to my dear Sani!

photo Tuomo Tulokas



Bernarossa Farfalla


20.5.2012 Riihimäki

Congratulations Jetro, Pia & Janne! Great day again:)

BOS Bernarossa Jetro  & BOB Milbu Jewel

judge Soile Bister, FI


28.4.-30.4. Canj, Montenegro

The longest trip I`ve ever done with my dogs; 10 days and almost 6000 kilometers from Finland to Montenegro and back to Finland, sitting in the bus...but... it was worth of doing again:)

There was 10 shows during 3 days. I didn`t believe that it will work but it really worked, everything  was so well organised that the dogs had even a lot of time to rest in cool hotel room in daytime. It was unbelievable, thanks to the Montenegro Kennel Club for good arrangements!

Both dogs, Bernarossa Jetro and Bernarossa Dimare gained 5 new ch titles: Montenegro, Macedonia, Moldova, Azerbaidjan and Cypros. Jetro took also CACIB and was 7 x BOB and once BIG-2. Dimare was once BOB and took RES-CACIB. I didn`t bring the dogs to  the other BIG-rings, I thougth that 10 shows is enough for them because of the hot weather (about +30. ) Congratulations Siru, Pia and Janne, I`m so thankful that you trusted your dogs again with me to this long trip!



Bernarossa Dimare "Tyyne"

photo Tanja Ahola


Bernarossa Jetro "Jetro"

photo Tanja Ahola


8.4.2012 Lappeenranta Dog Show

Bernarossa Girandola "Kuuppa" hasn`t been on the shows since 04/2011 and now he came to Lappeenranta and what a of result: BOB !!!! Annika, you are right, Kuuppa loves the shows:) Congrats to both of you!

judge Nebojsa Savicic

BOB Bernarossa Girandola  & BOS Fonacot`s Joyful Jessica

10 BMD`s of Kennel Bernarossa took part to the show and all of them got excellent and many of them also CQ and were situated on the competitive classes. Congratulations to all!

Our young hope Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings was BOB-puppy:) Congrats Jaana and Valtteri and thanks to Jaana again for handling Bernarossa dogs!

BOB-puppy Bernarossa Lord Of The Rings   (photo Riitta Vatanen)


In addition to all Bernarossa breeder group was BIS-2. Thanks Jetro, Kuuppa, Tyyne and Sani and the owners!

Bernarossa Jetro & Dimare & Farfalla & Girandola

We had nice day and after the show we were all invited to a meal by the owners of Bernarossa Enzo. Thanks Tanja, Riku and Enzo!


18.3.2012 Harstad, Norway

It`s nice to be at home after sitting 2800 km in the car...but the trip was again worth doing; great views, nice company and god results. Bernarossa Dimare "Tyyne" was with us just like a tourist (she doesn`t need anything from Norway) and what she received; CACIB and BOB! Thanks to judge Jan Herngren and congrats to Tyyne and Siru!

Bernarossa Jetro did also fine: BM-2 and CACIB. Now he needs only one CACIB from any country after few months to be C.I.B... Jetro didn`t receive CAC this time but no we have a good reason to visit beautiful Norway some day again.

Thanks Pia and Janne for your company!





judge Jan Herngren

BOS Nöklebyåsen`s Åskar  &  BOB Bernarossa Dimare




Again on the road, this time we were in Minsk, Belarus and had great success:


FI & BY CH Bernarossa Juventus "Rölli"

photo Tuomo Tulokas

Our sweet Teddy-Bear Rölli did his first trip abroad and got double CH title on the same weekend

Congratulations Rölli, Ritva and Jarno!



We have NEW C.I.B

Bernarossa Farfalla " Sani" got 2 x CACIB and gained C.I.B title on saturday. Congrats dear Sani!

photo Tuomo Tulokas

Thanks Ritva and Saila for your funny company!


18.2.2012 Finnish Winter Specialty

           Big day to our young male Bernarossa Kevin "Eino" (22 mounths): BEST MALE 2 and CAC on Finnish Specialty (72 male entries). Congratulations Eino, Päivi and Kari!

                                                Bernarossa Kevin                  (photo Taikakuva)


Bernarossa Jetro did also fine: ch class EXC2 CQ, congrats Jetro, Pia and Janne and thanks to handler-Jaana!

                                        Bernarossa Jetro                            (photo Taikakuva)


Bernarossa breeder-2 HP

                  Bernarossa Jetro & Dimare & Farfalla & Juventus       (photo Taikakuva)

other results under "tulokset"


First show of the year in Lahti and  we have

N E W   F I   CH  Bernarossa Jetro

photo Tuomo Tulokas                                                                                                       

Congratulations Jetro, Pia and Janne!

Thanks to Jaana for handling Jetro again!

Good dogs became champions with 3 cac but some not so good dogs need even 13 to became FI CH ;)))  It`s more than any other BMD ever has got in Finland, just same did only Jetro`s grandgrandfather Sidney.




Year is over again - how can it always go so fast?

Thank you all my puppy-owners for taking so good care of your dogs and giving them so much love! Thanks for been so activ in many ways: therapy dogs, agility, shows and home-champions etc.! And thanks for taking part to many shows in Finland and abroad!

Kennel Bernarossa was 3. best breeder on Sennen show competition and 31. best breeder on FKC`s show competition in breeder class. That`s great!

Jetro was placed on 5. place on Sennen show competition, there was only champions infront of him. Congrats Jetro & owners!

We took part to many shows and here is the summary of the results:

1 x BOB puppy

9 x J CAC, 4 x BOB JUN, 2 x BOS JUN,

31 x CAC, 8 x RES-CAC, 8 x CACIB, 2 x RES-CACIB

6 x J CH, 8 x CH, 2 x GRAND CH, 1 x C.I.B

1 x BIG-3, 1 x J WINNER, 1 x WINNER

2x BOB breeder with HP, 1 x BIS breeder, 2 x BIS-2 breeder, 4 x BIS-3 breeder, 1 x BIS-4 breeder

and ofcourse tens of placements on competition classes!


I love you all and wish you Good Luck, Happiness, Health and all the best for New Year 2012!



  1.10.2011 Pskov, Russia

Bernarossa Girandola "Kuuppa" did great job in Pskov, he got CAC, was BOB and he is now RU CH.

Congratulations Kuuppa, Annika and Aki and thanks for giving Kuuppa with me to this trip!


 10.9. -11.9.2011 Shows in Finland and Romania

Bernarossa Juventus "Rölli" was on dog show in Helsinki and he did so fine there: CAC  and BOB. Just great job, Jarno and Rölli, you did what you promised:) Congrats to Rölli and whole family!


Bernarossa Jetro, Farfalla and Aprilia travelled a little bit longer, Targu Mures, Romania.  There was on same weekend 1 cac and 2 cacib shows and our dogs got 8 x CAC, 4  x CACIB, 3 x BOB, 3 x BOS, 2 x RO CH, 1x RO Grand CH, 1 x C.I.B, 1 x BIS-2 breeder and 1 x BIS-breeder. More results you can find under "tulokset".

 Long and hard trip but it was worth of doing:)

Thanks Pia and Janne for your company and congrats to you and Jetro for new RO CH title!



27.8. -28.8.2011

Weekend with 4 different shows with great result:

Jetro did it again; he took his 12. FI CAC with BM-2 in Suonenjoki, Jade won her class with CQ in Tervakoski and Kevin "Eino" was with me in Vyborg Russia; there was 2 shows and Eino was 2x BOB and got 2x CAC.

Congratulations Jade, Jetro and Eino!

Other resulst of last weekend you find under results "tulokset"


7.7. World Winner-11 and 8.7. French Championchip in Paris

Bernarossa Kevin "Eino" did fine in World Winner, he got exc and was situated on places 5-8 (24 junior males) and on second day he was exc3 in junior class. So we can call him at least 8. beautiful junior male in the world:)))

Congrast Eino, Päivi and Kari!

It was wery fine results  to him because as you can see he`s totally without coat at the moment.

Thanks to Kirsi and Jari for your company on the trip, it was really fine trip with best friends and we`ll do it again someday somewhere...

Eino in Paris


19.6.2011 Riihimäki

After the rainy day it was very warm and sunny in Pieksämäki. Jetro did again his great job, got his 10th FI CAC and was best male 2:)

Thanks Jaana for your help and congtrats Jetro, Piia and Janne!



18.6.2011 Kotka

It was very rainy day in Kotka and as you can see from the pic`s, the dogs are quite dirty because of the bad weather. But it was still worth of going; Jetro was BOS with CAC and CACIB, young boy Kevin got RES-CAC and was best male 2, Juventus got vg2  (because of rolling back) and Farfalla was best bitch4.

Congrats again to all and thanks to Jaana!

Bernarossa Jetro CAC CACIB BOS & Goldbears Qismet CACIB BOB



5.6.2011 Lohja

It was Jetro`s day again, he got his 8th FI CAC and was BOB in Lohja:)

 B. Juventus "Rölli" started his show career fine too, he got EXC2 with CQ in intermediate class. Farfalla was in ch class EXC2 CQ and Dimare ch class EXC3 CQ. And again our breeder group did well: BIS-2.    Thanks to Sari and Jaana for your help in handling the dogs and congrats to Jetro, Rölli, Tyyne and Sani and the owners!

Bernarossa Jetro CAC & BOB  & Funatic Versace BOS

Brothers Bernarossa Juventus & Jetro



It was time to make a show round in Finland...

We spent Saturday in Tuuri and it was raining almost all the day. I think the drops bring some good luck; we had 5 dogs with us and all of them were placed in competition class with CQ, Jetro got his 6. FI CAC, Dimare was BB-2, Il Diiva was placed BB-4 with REC-CAC and Kevin and Farfalla were placed with CQ in competition class. And then, after some  confusion before the big ring, our breeder group was BIS-3.


On Sunday we took part to the show in Varkaus and it was even better day and without rain:

Kevin won jun class with CQ, Jetro got his 7. CAC and was BOS and brother Jules was BM-2 with RES-CAC. Girls did as well; Gemma in open class exc2 with RES-CAC, Farfalla ch class exc4 with CQ and Dimare did it again: BOB & BIG-2. And as the sugar on the bottom Bernarossa breeder group was BIS-4.

Thanks Jaana for your help on handling the dogs and congrats all the Bernarossa dogs & the owners! You are just great!!!!

judge Jan Herngren, SE

Bernarossa Jetro CAC & BOS  &  Bernarossa Dimare BOB & BIG-2

Bernarossa Dimare BOB & BIG-2


7.-8.5.2011 Latvia

There was 2 shows in Latvia and they were again very succesful for Bernarossa dogs, we got 4 new titles:)

Bernarossa Jetro is now also LV & BALT J CH and Farfalla is LV & BALT CH. Congratulations Jetro, Pia and Janne and my little Sani! More results under "tulokset" on my homepage.

judge John Jacobsen, NO

Jaarlin Arnevi BOB & Bernarossa Jetro BOS


It`s hard to be handsome...  

Jetro at home after the show weekend in Latvia:)



25.4.2011 Lappeenranta

Today was lucky day to our breeder group in Lappeenranta: BIS-3 :) Thanks to B. Gemma, Girandola, Jetro and Kevin for this great day and congratulations to all of you for good placements in the show!

Bernarossa Jetro, Girandola, Kevin & Gemma


23.4.2011 Narva, Estonia & Lahti, Finlad

In Narva B. Jules had again big day: EE J CAC, BOB junior and BM-2 and so he finished EE & BY J CH titles! Congratulations Valtti and Riina!

Bernarossa Jules "Valtti" J CAC BOB JUN BM-2

Onthe same day Dimare, Girandola and Jetro took part to the show in Lahti and with great succes: Dimare was in ch class exc4 with CQ, Jetro got FI CAC again and was BM-3 and Girandola was BM-4. Congratulations to Siru and Tyyne, Annika and Kuuppa and Pia, Janne and Jetro! Thanks to Jaana for handling!



16.4.2011 Outokumpu

3 Bernarossa dogs with us and 3 fine placements in Outokumpu:)

Bernarossa Jetro: intermediate class EXC1 CAC BM-2

Bernarossa Farfalla: ch class EXC2 BB-2

Bernarossa Dimare: ch class EXC1 BOB

Congratulations Pia, Janne and Siru and thanks for company on the trip:)

Life Spring`s Manpower BOS  &  Bernarossa Dimare BOB


We have 4 new tested therapy dogs:)   (link)

Congrats Rebekka, Hugo, Rölli and Kuuppa and all the families!



9.-10.4.2011 Rakvere, Estonia

Bernarossa Jules "Valtti" had great weekend in Estonia: 2 shows, 2 junior CAC, 2 times BOB JUN and 2 times BOB. Just wonderful! Congrats Valtti and Riina!

judge Göran Bodegård, SE


26.3.2011 Luxemburg

Bernarossa Jetro: EXC1 in junior class, J CAC and LU J CH

Bernarossa Dimare: EXC1 in ch class, CAC => LU CH CACIB and BOS


Congratulations Jetro, Tyyne and the families and thanks for giving Tyyne and Jetro with me to Luxemburg! We had so great trip to sunny Luxemburg!


19.-20.3.2011 Vilnius, Lithuania

On Saturday Bernarossa Jetro got JUN CAC, gained LT J CH and LTJW-11 titles and was BOS junior and on Sunday again J CAC and BOS junior. Great job Jetro and thanks to Tuuli for helping on handling on sunday:)

Dimare and Fanalino were both days EXC3 and EXC4 in ch class. Congrats Tyyne, Siru, Fido, Milena and Marko!

Bernarossa Jetro LTJW-11



We made again a trip to Belarus.

      Bernarossa Jules "Valtti" JUN CAC BOB JUN and BIS-9 JUN (about 100 juniors of different breeds). Congrats Valtti and Riina!


Lohja 13.2.2011

It was Eino`s (Bernarossa Kevin) day; first time in official show in junior class at the age of 10 mounths and he made a very big surprise:          CAC and BOB  ( 56 entries) !!!!!!

Congrats to Eino, Päivi & Kari!

judge Per Svarstad, SE

BOS Fonacot`s Joyful Jessica & BOB Bernarossa Kevin



WOW, it was very good Bernarossa weekend again!

In Lahti Bernarossa Huanita "Senni" got CAC and we have now again new FI CH. Senni was also BOB. Gongrats Erja, Meri and Senni!

Senni at the age of 9 mounths, photo Tuuli Yrjönen


And then Jetro did it again, 3. CAC and BOS in Lahti. Jetro has got 3 FI CAC in one mounth, great boy! Our young hope Kevin "Eino" was BOB-puppy. Congrats Pia, Janne, Päivi, Kari and boys and thanks again to Jaana for handling boys in Lahti!


I made a trip with Dimare to beautiful Slovenia, Ljubljana and it was worth of going. Dimare got CAC and CACIB, gained SI CH and SIW-11 titles and was BOB. Congrats to Siru and Tyyne and thanks for giving Tyyne with me, we enjoyed our trip very much. Thanks to Kirsi for good company!




************** **** 2010 *******************



The year is soon over and it`s time to thank all my puppy-owners for taking so good care of Bernarossa-dogs, give them a big hug.

It`s time to thank also my dear friends for all the help in the show rings during this year when I haven`t been able to run in the ring. Without your help all this succes wouldn`t been possible.

I want to wish you all

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011 !



Great end to the Show Year 2010 in Helsinki Winner-10 :

Bernarossa Jetro FIJW-10 CAC Best Male 4

at the age of 1 year!!!


Thanks to Sari for handling Jetro!

Fanalino, Dimare and Farfalla did also very fine in their classes and Bernarossa won BOB breeder with HP.

Thanks to the handlers and dogs, you are just great!



27.11.2010 Sillamäe, Estonia

Beautiful boys had great weekend in Estonia: Bernarossa Girandola "Kuuppa" CAC => EE CH and BOB and young Jetro JUN CAC  =>     EE & BY J CH and BOB JUN.

Congrats to Kuuppa, Annika & Aki and Jetro, Pia & Janne! The boys did what they promised...



20.-21.11.2010 Minsk, Belarus

Long trip again to Minsk with my dear puppy-owners, thanks to all for good company:)

Trip was again succesful, we had 6 dogs with us and everyone got something. We have new BY J CH Bernarossa Jade and new BY CH Bernarossa Girandola "Kuuppa", Congrats Tuuli, Annika and Aki!

My little monkey Farfalla "Sani" got RES-CACIB and it will be confirmed as CACIB and so Sani gained C.I.B with this CACIB!!!!! After this all Bernarossa was BIS-4 with breeder group:)

I`m so happy!


19.9.2010 Ballerup, Denmark

Just unbelievable and fantastic!!! Tyyne did it again in Ballerup:  CAC CACIB BOB DK CK and COPENHAGEN WINNER 2010

Thanks to Elina for handling Tyyne and good company on our trip and congrats to Tyyne, Siru, lovely Oiva and Elina! I`m speechless...




On the road again...I visited with Tyyne (B. Dimare) in Romania and had again great weekend: First CAC show: Tyyne CAC and BOB. Second show was CACIB-show and Tyyne`s result: CAC CACIB, RO CH title and BOB and the last CACIB-show: CAC CACIB RO GRAND CH title and BOB. In every show Tyyne was taken to continue in BIG-ring in group of 6 or 10 dogs and it was great to see her excellent movement in BIG ring.

Congratulations to Tyyne and Siru and thanks to Eeva of handling Tyyne so fine in every show!

photo Elina Vainio



Long trip to Oslo with Tyyne (B. Dimare) and my friend Elina with Oiva (Fridkullas Triumph) but it was worth of travelling: on saturday Tyyne got CAC & CACIB and gained NO & NORD CH title and on sunday Oiva did the same; NO & NORD CH. Congrats to Tyyne  & Siru and Oiva & Elina! Thanks Elina for handling Tyyne and thanks for very nice travel companions, the trip was so very special and just great.

Thanks to Torill and Elin for all your hospitality, we had great time in Oslo!

photos Elina Vainio

New NO & NORD Champions Bernarossa Dimare & Fridkullas Triumph



3 show weekend in Kuopio in very warm circumstances but with great results: Dimare was on friday BOS with CACIB and got BB-3 and BB-4 placements on the other days. Fanalino got BM-3 placement on friday and exc on saturday, but Sunday was his day: BOB, CACIB and BIG-4!

Kuuppa did it fine with exc every day and got placements in ch competition. Our "little champion" Sani got everyday VG; she is totally without the coat at the moment.

Congrats to Kuuppa & Annika, Fido & Milena and Tyyne & Siru!


31.7.-1.8.2010 Finnish Specialty 2010

Our 8 mounths old, handsome Jetro did very well: BIS-puppy in our Specialty. Just great Jetro, Pia and Janne, congrats and big hugs!

Thanks to Sari for handling Jetro!

BIS-puppy Bernarossa Jetro, 8 mounths

Finnish Sennen Special 45 Jubileum Show

photo Teija Ollila


Dimare got EXC3 in ch class, that`s great too, there was 10 bitches in ch class. Gongrats to Tyyne and Siru!


10.-11.7.2010 Show Weekend in Lithuania and Estonia :)

Very hot weekend but still the dog did it again; 4 new titles during the weekend: B. Dimare LT CAC and LT & BALT CH title with BOB,         B. Girandola LT CAC and LT CH title with BOS and B. Farfalla EE CAC and EE CH title. Also Enzo did very well both days, in Lithuania EXC1 CAC and BM-2 and in Estonia EXC1 BM-4. B. breeder group in Lithuania BIS-3:)

Thanks to Tanja and Siru and congratulations to all !


3.7.2010 Forssa all breeds Dog Show


        C.I.B FI SE EE LV RU BY UA CH BY GRAND CH  EE LV LT BALT  RU BY UA J CH   Bernarossa Dimare                          

Bernarossa Dimare is again in sharp condition with full coat, she won BOB and BIG-2 and Bernarossa Fanalino won BOS in Forssa. Bear-boy Bernarossa Jetro was BOB-puppy, Huanita got exc in open class and Farfalla exc2 in ch class. Kennel Bernarossa was BOB-breeder with HP. Congratulations to all  and thanks again to the handlers for helping, you did again great job!


20.6.2010 Pieksämäki

Show must go on...today Kuuppa made even better, he was BOB! Unbelieveble, just unbelieveble! I don`t know what to say, just give big hug to you, Annika and Kuuppa!

Pieksämäki show was very succesful to Bernarossa-team, Dimare was BOS, Aprilia BB-4, Farfalla EXC4 and Gemma VG. Our little sweet baby-boy Valtti (Bernarossa Jules) was BOB-puppy

Bernarossa breeder group was BIS-4.

Thanks to all of you again! We have again a new reason to celebrate...


19.6.2010 Kotka

What a boy!!!

Kuuppa (B. Girandola) did it;

2 weekends, 3 shows, 3 CAC and New FI CH :)

Congratulations Annika, Aki & Kuuppa, you are just great!

FI CH EE LV LT BALT J CH Bernarossa Girandola



Kuuppa did it again in Orivesi Dog Show: BM-3 and second FI CAC. Congratulations Annika, Aki and Kuuppa! Now just the last one...


What a weekend!!!  

In Tuuri Dog Show Fido (Bernarossa Fanalino) was BOB and BIG-2 and his sister Sani (B. Farfalla) was exc2 in ch class.

Kuuppa (B. Girandola) took his first FI CAC and was BM-3 and his sister Hippu (B. Gazzella) was BB-2, got also FI CAC and we have new FI CH. Sister Gemma (B. Gemma) was EXC4 in open class.

Our junior female Diiva (B. Il Diiva) was exc1 in junior class.

Bernarossa Breeding group did the same as last year in Tuuri:           BEST IN SHOW!!!!

Congratulations to all of you and thanks to the handlers for great job!



Great day in Hamina: Fanalino got his last CACIB and is now C.I.B. Congratulations Milena, Marko and Fido, you are just great!


Bernarossa Fanalino

photo Tuuli Yrjönen

We got also other fine placements in classes and BB- and BM-rings, results can be found on page "tulokset". Congratulations to you all; Kuuppa, Rebekka, Senni, Sani and Lilli! And lot of thanks for handling to Milena, Annika, Jaana, Meri, Erja and Mirka!




5 Bernarossa dogs took part to Int Dog Show in Minsk Belarus and bring home 3 BY CH titles, one BY GRAND CH title, one BY J CH title and one J CAC :)  Congratulations Io, Illusia, Huanita, Gazzella and Farfalla. Farfalla got both days CACIB and was also BOB both days :)


Congratulations Aimo, Fonzo, Sulo, Laku, Siiri and Apri! 5 years ago you were a little bit smaller...

 20.2. - 21.2.2010

We made a trip to Latvia and Lithuania with Fanalino, Dimare and Farfalla and got great results again at the shows. Fanalino did it again; he was in Valmiera BOB, got CAC and is now LV CH. Dimare was BOS and Farfalla BB-3.

In Panevezys was it even better day: Fanalino was again BOB, got CAC and is LT & BALT CH and then he was BIG-1. Well done Fido!  And then Bernarossa breeder group was BEST IN SHOW!

Lot of thanks to Tanja for all your help on our trip!


Again a great weekend; this year is just beginning and we have second new FI CH. Bernarossa Farfalla "Sani" got her 4th FI CAC at Eno dog show and is now FI BY RU RKF CH EE LT LV BALT RU BY J CH                FIJW-08 LTJW-09. Sani was also BOS and her brother Fido was BOB. Bernarossa breeder group was BIS2.

Good job sister and brother, only one week between these new champions.



We have  new FI CH Bernarossa Fanalino "Fido"  :)

Fido took part to the show in Alavus, got his 5th FI CAC, was BM-2 and is now FI EE RU BY CH RKFW EE J CH.

Congratulations to Fido, Milena & Marko!


New arriwals...???




Happy New Year 2010 to all our friends!

Bernarossa J-puppies have moved to their new homes. Good luck and all the best to my little sweethearts!


**************** 2009 *******************


Great day in Stockholm!!!! Bernarossa Dimare got CAC and her 8th CACIB and now she is also SE CH and C.I.B.

At the age of 2,5 years she is JUN CH of 7 countries, Ch of 7 countries and INTERNATIONAL CH. Well done little sweetheart!

Congratulations Tyyne and Siru!



Bernarossa Dimare




Congratulations H-puppies, time has gone again so quickly and you are now 1 year old and real heartbreakers! Have a nice birthday!


We have again new champion: B. Enzo Lorenzo was in Tallinn, got CAC and was BOB and he is now also EE CH. Great job, Tanja and Enzo! B. Girandola was in junior class exc3 and best male 4, congratulations Kuuppa, Annika & Aki!



We made  a show trip to Pskov, Russia and had again very good day.  B. Fanalino took CAC and CACIB in champion class and was also BOB.  B. Farfalla took also CAC and CACIB in open class and was BOS. Well done, sister and brother :)


What to say - just a great day at hometown Kouvola Dog Show!

Paavo (Joker Jokela Av Lee Armand) was in his first show at the age of 7 mounths and he was BOB-puppy. Well done little boy! Senni (B. Huanita) won the junior class, took RES-CAC and was BB-4 and Gemma got in the same class VG4. Nelle (B. Chantanelle) won the open class with EXC and Sani (B. Farfalla) took her 3. CAC and was BOB.  Bernarossa breeder group was BOB-breeder with HP.

Thanks to all of you!

In Tallinn Sani`s father did also fine, Private-Stefal Bundy won BALTW-09 tittle, congratulations Chatlin, Janek, Koidu & Olev!



At Mäntyharju Dog Show we got again new FI CH, Bernarossa Enzo Lorenzo. Enzo was also BOS. At the same show Sani, Bernarossa Farfalla got her second CAC. Thanks to Tanja for bringing and handling Sani and Enzo and congratulations for Enzo`s CH title! You had a wonderful day :)


Bernarossa Girandola, "Kuuppa", was in Lithuania and he got 2 JUN CAC and was BOS and BOB junior. Thanks to Anne for handling Kuuppa and congratulations to Annika and Aki! Dimare is totally out of coat and she got first day vg and second day exc 3.  Fido, Bernarossa Fanalino is also without coat and he got first day exc2 and res-cacib and second day exc 2. Fine job Tyyne and Fido!



B-puppies have their 4-year birthday, congratulations to all of you and have a nice day!



 My dear girl, Chanel, has her 5-year birthday, congratulations honey!


18.7.- 31.7.2009

We had wonderful 2 weeks trip to Split Croatia with 3 dogs, Fanalino, Farfalla and Dimare. There was 4 shows in one weekend and we got 7 x CAC, 2 x RES-CAC, 2 x CACIB, 1 x RES-CACIB, 1 x BOB, 4 x BOS and 2 x BIS-2 breeder. Not bad at all from the dogs totally out of coat:) The weather was very hot, in daytime about +35-38 degrees and in the evenings in the shows +25, quite hard for the dogs and us, but we did it fine :)

Thank you Marja for spending 2 weeks of your summer holiday  on this trip and thank you for all the help! You are something special!!!


Enzo Lorenzo 2-years, big hugs and kisses to lovely Enzo!



Great day again to Bernarossa dogs at Kotka Dog Show: Bernarossa Desiderio got CAC and RES-CACIB and is now FI CH and Bernarossa Dimare was BOS and got CACIB. Sisters did it, BB-1 and BB-2, congratulations!

We had 5 dogs with and all of them were situated in competition classes and Bernarossa was also BOB-breeder with HP! Such a hot and lucky day!


Tuuri Dog Show: Bernarossa was BEST IN SHOW breeder group! Thanks to Siru, Milena, Erja, Meri and Sirpa and ofcourse the most important: Fido, Gemma, Tessi and Tyyne! You are great!



G-puppies 1 year old, congratulations to all of you and have a nice birthday party!



Weekend in the show again, this time in Hamina. Bernarossa dogs had a good day again, you can find the result on the page "tulokset".

B. Cherokee was Best Male-2, got his last CAC and is now new FI CH. Congratulations Jaana & Artturi! Well done!



Great weekend again, 2 New Champions at Sillamäe, Estonia Dogs Show: B. Fanalino EE J CH and B. Desiderio EE CH. B. Dimare was again BOB and also BIG-1 and Bernarossa was BIS-breeder group.

B. Cherokee was EXC1 in open class in Outokumpu and got RES-CAC.

Congratulations to all of you!



2 CAC to Bernarossa dogs today at Lappeenranta Dog Show:

B. Cherokee took his 2nd CAC, congratulations Jaana and Artturi!

B. Dimare got her last CAC and got FI CH title. It was first show in Finland to Dimare after 2 years age (last week) and right away FI CH. Way to go, Tyyne and Siru!

Thank you all 12 Bernarossa dogs taking part to this show and thank you Tanja & Riku for hospitality and delicious meal to all of us!



Very good day to B. Dimare and Fanalino in Rakvere, Estonia, BOB abd BOS and new EE CH Bernarossa Dimare. At the age of 2 years and 2 days J CH of 6 countries and CH of 4 countries, well done Dimare!



Bernarossa D-litter 2 years, congratulations Tessi, Tyyne, Pimu, Dara, Doris, Taavi ja Romeo !


14.3.2009 & 15.3.2009

Again great results from Vilnius, Lithuania; 1 x LT J CH & LT& BALT J CH, LTJW-09, 3 x LT CAC, 2 x RES-CACIB, 2 x BIS-2 breeder. Thank you Tanja, Siru & Milena!



Wellcome home, Paavo :)


7.3.2009 & 8.3.2009

Wonderfull weekend to Bernarossa in Minsk: 1 x J CH, 3 x CH, 3 x CACIB, 2 x RES-CACIB, 2 x BOB, 2 x BIG-4, 2 x BIS-breeder. Thank you Saila, Tanja & Meri and the owners of the dogs!


A-puppies 4 years, congratulations to all of you!



Aida 5 years, congratulations sweetheart!



Dimare got 3. CAC in Tuusniemi and was BOB and BIG-3. Great, Tyyne!



Fanalino got EE J CAC in Tallinn and was BOB-JUN and BOB



Gemma was BOB-puppy in Helsinki puppy show



Fanalino got his second CAC in Kajaani


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